Lasercutter in the office might have been a bad idea. I can live with the noise, but the smell is nauseating. We have a decent filter hooked up to it.

I was going to be productive this weekend, instead I spend all my time researching laser cutters/engravers.

The sudden flood of people on telegram and signal is a great opportunity to start up contact with them again. We’ll probably all end up talking on Whatsapp in the end again anyway 🀷 14 messaging apps where 95% is on Whatsapp and I have a few contacts spread across the rest. Im starting to miss the old days where we had open protocols and could use something like Trillian/adium.

@sexybiggetje true, but it doesn’t have a lot of people on there that I want to be in contact with, and they never will.

@TVLuke that is how I receive my books from amazon πŸ™ˆ . Usually, they are still ok, but it's kind of ridiculous.

@sexybiggetje Can't seem to see the advantages of matrix over irc. I wish IRC was still the place to go. IRCCloud is quite nice for the non-tech people.

Quite late, but everything I set out to do this weekend is doneβ€”no real progress, but hopefully fewer headaches in the future. 🀞

@sexybiggetje dat is ambetant, maar wss ook weer het grootste nadeel van deze opzet.

Tomorrow the new desk will be installed in the 3rd bedroom for our kids to work/play on. Very curious about how that is going to turn out.

Joined I'll have to spend some time figuring it out.

Happy new year. Fireworks πŸ’₯ is still going as I kind of expected. People on the road ignoring the curfew. πŸŽ‰πŸ™ˆ

@sotolf It's work for a non-profit. You could find open source products to fill in the gaps but it's never going to be nicely integrated.
The products you can rent are quite expensive for smaller sports clubs.

I've got an idea for a project for myself for many years already, but having users right away is an easier way to get motivated and started.

@sotolf This week I'm off work, and I've been working on my side project that is already in production.

It does not feel like work, but more as play and learning. Like a hobby should feel like imho.

Sometimes the project does feel like work because of deadlines, but it's been a long time I've been so excited about something.

Finding that thing that makes and keeps you excited is hard, so good for you for finding something!

I'm very curious about how much fireworks I'll be seeing tonight (it's forbidden).
2 nights ago I heard fireworks at 4:30 AM!

Last year people from our street were launching fireworks, and when they saw police lights they all went running inside πŸ˜‚

After listening to an audiobook at 1.7-2x speed, going back to 1.0 or even 1.3 is perfect to fall asleep and review the book as boring.

@sexybiggetje true, ik denk dat ik terug een eigen iPad moet aankopen om er door te geraken, dan kan ik de lessen overal volgen ipv alleen aan men pc. (op gsm is niet aangenaam)

Today I was planning to follow a technical course. "Papaaaa, kom eens kijken", "Papaaa waar is de rest van de trein", "papa papa papa mag ik fortnite spelen?" -> "papa speel je mee?"

@sexybiggetje @pixelpaperyarn sometimes so many feeds gets overwhelming.
Only sites where I don't want to miss an article are in my RSS reader, for other topics/sites I receive a digest email daily or weekly.

Inoreader supports Facebook and youtube. So happy with those integrations!

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