I thought I finished Parks and Recreation yesterday, then season 7 popped up. I love the show, it’s in my top 3 of all time, but I’m afraid they screw up somehow with this totally unnecessary last season. 🤞

@jonas I'm always curious what could people possibly like about the show. Maybe you can enlighten me.

@Maryam I compare it to the office. You have to watch 2 seasons to really get into it. Even though most episodes stand in their own, you need to watch them all in order to experience the bigger picture. I think it’s funny and relatable.

@WandelStock Halfway through season 7 and they have not messed up yet, I even like where it is going. I'm going to miss having it in my life 😢


Yes, that are the problems with series with lots of seasons, you see them every day and after a while it is a part of your life.

They are a part of your family :)

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