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Here I am, this is me, Jonas.
A typical down to earth guy from Belgium (Flanders).

There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be than with my family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦.

I'm a software engineer enjoying the craft, even after 20 years.
I have no particular stack preference, but I'm mostly working with Javascript, Typescript, PHP and Golang.

Tech, fantasy and sci-fi excite me.
Other things I love consuming or participating in are LitRPG, nerdcore, gaming, various tabletop RPGs and digital art.

Lasercutter in the office might have been a bad idea. I can live with the noise, but the smell is nauseating. We have a decent filter hooked up to it.

I was going to be productive this weekend, instead I spend all my time researching laser cutters/engravers.

The sudden flood of people on telegram and signal is a great opportunity to start up contact with them again. We’ll probably all end up talking on Whatsapp in the end again anyway 🤷 14 messaging apps where 95% is on Whatsapp and I have a few contacts spread across the rest. Im starting to miss the old days where we had open protocols and could use something like Trillian/adium.

Quite late, but everything I set out to do this weekend is done—no real progress, but hopefully fewer headaches in the future. 🤞

Tomorrow the new desk will be installed in the 3rd bedroom for our kids to work/play on. Very curious about how that is going to turn out.

Joined I'll have to spend some time figuring it out.

Happy new year. Fireworks 💥 is still going as I kind of expected. People on the road ignoring the curfew. 🎉🙈

I'm very curious about how much fireworks I'll be seeing tonight (it's forbidden).
2 nights ago I heard fireworks at 4:30 AM!

Last year people from our street were launching fireworks, and when they saw police lights they all went running inside 😂

After listening to an audiobook at 1.7-2x speed, going back to 1.0 or even 1.3 is perfect to fall asleep and review the book as boring.

Today I was planning to follow a technical course. "Papaaaa, kom eens kijken", "Papaaa waar is de rest van de trein", "papa papa papa mag ik fortnite spelen?" -> "papa speel je mee?"

How did I spend my Christmas evening? Watching lectures I stumbled upon. 🙈 Best one so far: How to speak by Patrick Winston.

in (un)related news: I will be available for a new project starting in January. If you need some help with PHP/Symfony development, training, coaching, improving your development process and such things, let me know!

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I also created my learning plan for 2021 and my list of things I want in abundance in my life. This is the 2nd year I do this, and I’ve learned from my mistakes: took last year's ”abundance list”, which is still relevant, and scrapped all the things I no longer want to prioritise in my life. I’m sure the remaining 5 will get a lot more attention.

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Super productive weekend so I don’t have any more personal obligations for the remainder of this year.

And what a cleanup it was. Removed 60 “friends”, all my posts/media, and a script is still running to remove all the remaining activity. It’s crazy to see that every action and every search is just in that activity log.

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Tonight, I'm doing another run at cleaning up my Facebook. I've already deleted all my photos and a few hundred posts. I'll be defriending next.

I’ve been a subscriber of “on that ass” for a while now and I just received their “christmass survival kit” in the mail. I’m impressed! I need the same for socks.

I thought I finished Parks and Recreation yesterday, then season 7 popped up. I love the show, it’s in my top 3 of all time, but I’m afraid they screw up somehow with this totally unnecessary last season. 🤞

I've been deep-diving into the lore of the forgotten realms to prepare my own "homebrew" campaign. The hardest part is getting the players to form a party.

It's so cliché to go with some random group of people to do some random dangerous quest with no assurance of any reward at all.

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